Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kiaster 2.0

Like I mentioned, I was rear ended shortly before starting my [new] job. My poor gold Kia received a lot of damage and as a result the other insurance company refused to repair it and paid me out. Which actually really, really sucked. I don't understand how one day you can have a perfectly good car that is reliable, looks good and is mechanically sound and they can give you such a measly amount because it's "old". Needless to say, my joy of being debt free was shortlived and I went straight back into debt buying the Kiaster 2.0. I do love it though, especially the heated seats. Seriously, I wish all of my seats (except for my toilet seat because that creeps me out) could be heated. I've never had a car this new (it's 2009) so that is a novelty. I am cheap though so I would have rather kept that money and waited a few years to buy a new car. Oh well. I guess it shouldn't have surprised me since the woman that hit me didn't even see me and probably was going 60 km/hr while I was at a complete stop. The impact was so jarring that my cigarette astray thing popped out completely! Luckily it was full of change and not cigarette butts. I'm just glad I wasn't seriously injured.

Now my car is pretty awesome since I have a GPS (trust me, this was a valuable investment for work) and automatic windows and doors. Basically I have arrived into the 21st century! Now all I need are some fuzzy dice.

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Carter said...

Thank god you are ok and that you didn't get hurt!!!
That is a miracle!!!!!!