Friday, October 29, 2010

Memory is Fading...

I can't believe it's almost been 2 years since we were in Korea. I have forgotten so much! I am really thankful that I kept a blog through that experience otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to remember anything. I forget that I am forgetting sometimes- like today when I was trying to talk to a coworker about patbingsu and couldn't remember it's name. I was just like uhhhh you know, uhhhh red bean ice cream?? Everyone will be relieved to hear that I am maintaining my curse words and insults.

I am such a Korea nerd now. I wish I had some Korean friends here. Whenever I hear Korean or am in a Korean restaurant or grocery store I perk up. It's sort of the opposite of how I was in Korea where I would almost give myself whiplash trying to find the English speaking source.

Unfortunately here Korean folks seem to stick together and don't really seem to care about my interest in their language, culture, food, etc. Another instance of me being just regular in Canada.

Matt and I have figured out to make some Korean food at home- there's some chamchi kimbap that Matt made. I make a really spicy gimchi jjigae and we have figured out galbi and bibimbap as well. I wish we had some hot stone bowls so that we could make dolsot bibimbap. We've even managed to grow some perilla from seeds I bought off of Ebay! I should take some pictures of that since I've always been terrible with plants but in this new adorable apartment I have found my green thumb. Maybe it's my landlady rubbing off on me? (She has an amazing garden.)


Stephy said...

I believe I helped make this!

Carter said...

Oooh, it looks delicious!!!!!!!!!