Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello From Hanoi, Vietnam

So I am working on getting things up to date with the blog and will be posting more about Laos but I thought I would write up a quick entry in real time. We arrived in Hanoi a couple days ago- we had an 18 hour bus ride from Phonsavan which was totally strange but not too bad. I made a short list (so I wouldn't forget) of strange things that happened on the trip:

  • We stopped a lot. Really, unusually a lot. It was nice though since we were both still sick. We seemed to pick up all sorts of random things and people including a ton of lumber and a package of rugs.
  • We narrowly avoided paying double for lunch- it was included with the trip. I am proud to say I was the smart cookie that prevented that. The Japanese fellow traveling with us wasn't so lucky.
  • Looking out the window at gorgeous countryside that was sadly filled with many craters (from the Secret War).
  • The road to cross the border being almost uncrossable. The bus couldn't make it so we all had to get out and walk.
  • This meant that we technically walked from Laos to Vietnam. Hehe.
  • A Laos man comparing his passport with Matt to check their ages. We were shocked to discover that Matt was a year older (that guy must have a hard life).
  • Constant honking, not at pedestrians or other vehicles as much as herds of water buffalo, cows and goats.
  • Getting dropped off in the middle of some deserted street in Hanoi at 2 am and having to find a taxi and a guesthouse. We managed.
I was still feeling pretty sick (Matt too) so we went to see a doctor. Now we're happily healing on antibiotics and some sort of disgusting electrolyte drink. Imagine Gatorade but without the sugar. It totally makes me gag but I'm feeling the best I have since the night we arrived in Laos. Finally I can really start to enjoy our travels!!! We've booked a 2 day, 1 night trip to Halong Bay for tomorrow and I'm really excited! We get to sleep on a boat! Oh, and Vietnam has amazing (and cheap) internet so hopefully I should be able to get things under control with my blogs and pictures. Stay tuned!


Carter said...

Sick?? Doctors?

Mystery electrolyte drinks???

I hope you're better now!!!

Love and miss you!

ambearo said...

We're doing better. The antibiotics really helped. Although Matt has a cold now. Seems like our immune systems just can't compete with all the unusual SE Asian germs.