Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Most Hellish Ride Ever

Since we decided to leave Vang Vieng on a whim we were a bit limited on methods of transportation and the air con bus was already full. This resulted in us paying a bit more for a “mini bus” which actually is a mini van. We rode with 3 American girls and an older American man and his young Philippino girlfriend. There were also 2 Laos passengers, along with the driver. What a horrible trip! I never, ever want to see another mini van in my life. The road was incredibly narrow and wound up and down countless mountains. Since the mini van is so low to the ground we could feel every twist and turn. Almost immediately Matt started feeling carsick. As luck would have it, I still had one anti-nausea pill left over for treating my vertigo. I don't regret giving it to him. Basically we spent 6 hours in what felt like a washing machine. I have the stomach of a goat so I wasn't sick at all but I spent the whole trip clutching Matt's leg in fear as we rounded each corner, passing buses, trucks and motorcycles on the tiny road overlooking massive cliffs. I have never been so glad to get out of a vehicle in my life. I'm proud to say that Matt didn't throw up and neither did any of the other foreign passengers. However, the old Laos lady sitting in the front seat puked her guts out of the open window about halfway through the trip. Nasty. We did get a bit of a rest stop and there was a freaky monkey chained up by the toilets. What a bizarre little journey.


Carter said...

Good lord. six hours of that?!!? You two are really amazing.

ambearo said...

It was so so so terrible. Gah. Even worse than the sleeping bus we recently took. (><)