Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heading Back to Canada

Good news- we have our computer back and it's completely fixed (for about $40 too!)! But unfortunately I can't quite update now. It's our last night in Thailand and we're starting our epic journey to Edmonton tomorrow. We calculated how long we'll be in transit (starting from the bus station in Khon Kaen and including things like layovers) and it's over 40 hours! Crazy! I'm excited for our layover in Seoul though since a couple friends are going to be visiting with us at the airport so we don't have to kill 9 hours on our own. Our flight arrives in Edmonton (via Seattle) just after 5 pm on Thursday, May 21st. We can't wait to see everyone! Think good travel thoughts for us (and chase the snow in Edmonton away- I might have a heart attack going from Thailand temperatures to snow).


Bybee said...

Dang, I wish I could get off work and meet up with you at the airport. Safe travels...

Carter said...

There's snow in Edmonton!?!?

How was the trip back???

I just got back from Vancouver. Miss you!!!