Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heading from Bangkok to Koh Phi Phi

Again, just a brief update from an internet cafe. The computer is on a bus with Matt's sister Leah to Khon Kaen where hopefully they can find someone to repair it for cheap. This means that all of my pictures will stay on my camera's memory card for the time being. We've been in Bangkok for almost a week now. We arrived on Thursday evening (late because our bus got into an accident- no one was hurt) and got everything organized and picked Leah up from the airport on Saturday morning. We had a lot of fun showing her around and we even managed to hook up with my sister, Stephie, who's with a tour group through Thailand. I got to see Steph on Monday and Tuesday and we may see her again before we head back to Khon Kaen to say our good byes and pick up all of our stuff and return to Canada. We'll be back in Canada on May 21st. Today we're catching a bus at 6pm and making the long journey to the south (near Phuket). Apparently we'll have to change buses partway and then get on a boat to get to Koh Phi Phi. We should be there by tomorrow afternoon. Intense! We'll have to pack a lot of snack and maybe get some earplugs (Thai buses are so noisy!). Oh, and my health has improved so cross your fingers that I will be well until the end of the trip!

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