Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Place!

We are moving this month! We happened upon our new abode through chance and circumstance. Stephie found it but then the girl she was going to room with backed out on her the day they were supposed to pay the DD and rent. Poor Steph couldn't afford it on her own and they couldn't take the place. So we scooped in and took it. It's a great find- 10 blocks from where we lived before so still a great location, lower rent, more space, quieter, funky and has the cutest landlady. She's this old Polish (I think) lady with a crocheted purple hat and she up keeps everything with the help of her grandsons. There's a huge garden in the backyard and I think we might get to cash in on some fresh veggies! For now you'll have to settle with this pictures of the outside since the inside is way too messy! Once things are unpacked and organized I will post some pictures of the inside. We have the top floor (the house is split in 3). I love the bay window, funky attic bedroom and the separate toilet and bath rooms. I hadn't wanted to move and start a new job at the same time but sometimes you just can't avoid it.

Oh and other big living situation news- Matt's sister Leah is moving back to B.C. at the end of the month so we will be living alone. We have lots of room for guests though so you should all come and visit us!!!


suki said...

congrats on the move! sounds like a good place if you're getting cheaper rent for the same area. ;D

Why am I here??? said...

looks lovely!

Carter said...

So cute!