Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hoi An Wrap Up

So I know that I've already blogged a bit about our time in Hoi An but I wanted to show some pictures and talk a little more about it. To see all the pictures you can go here.

So we took an overnight sleeping bus from Hanoi to Hoi An. This was quite the experience. Now, I have a knack for sleeping while traveling. Put me in the backseat of a car and after 10 minutes I'll already be nodding off. So I thought a sleeping bus would be perfect! Unfortunately I ended up on the top level and I was super freaked out about the possibility of falling down to have a good sleep. Plus they drive fast, jerky and frequently use the horn here so that didn't help matters. Poor Matt was a bit too tall for the seat so he ended up sleeping in awkward positions. It was still kind of fun and when we took our second sleeping bus (from Hoi An to Nha Trang) we were smart and got the better seats in the back.

Hoi An is a really lovely town and we managed to haggle a decent price on a room with cable and a private bathroom at one of the hotels. There are a lot of cultural things to see in and around Hoi An but we didn't really see any of them. We were much too busy shopping! Things are reasonably priced (considering they are making them to fit you) but you still need to haggle. It gets a bit tiring walking down the street and having everyone call out to you "Hello! Buy Something?" but you get used to it.

We bought lots of things and everything turned out nicely. We've shipped it off to Matt's Mom's place in Thailand so that we could save some money and have it with us when we returned to Canada. I hope it shows up there soon! I'm a little nervous! I mean, look at everything that it contains! You can see a few pictures of us in some of the items if you look in the above link to my Photobucket.


Ali said...

I've never seen a bus like that. Good idea

Stephie said...

Cute boots!