Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meeting Ho Chi Minh

Okay, Uncle Ho has been dead since 1969 but if you travel to Hanoi, get up really early, go through security and wait in line for a really long time then you can see him in his mausoleum! We did just this and I have to say, it was pretty interesting. I'm not totally convinced that it was his original preserved body (you can't take pictures inside so that's why there are none)- can you preserve someone for that long and that lifelike? I know they claim that Lenin is preserved still but surely they must have replaced him with wax by now?

After visiting with Ho Chi Minh we stopped over at his Presidential Palace to check out the house on stilts. It was a beautiful area and I'd love to live there but it was ridiculously crowded and so we didn't stay that long. We also stopped by to see the One Pillar Pagoda. Then we meandered back to our guesthouse, played with their adorable dog for awhile and got ready to head to Hoi An on the overnight sleeping bus! If you look over here you can see all the pictures from our wanderings in Hanoi.

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