Sunday, April 19, 2009

Off to the Beach!

To bring everyone up to the present day (I can't believe I've completely caught up on my blogging for now!), tomorrow we plan to leave Khon Kaen and head south to Koh Chang. It's beach time again! Matt and I have both been sick AGAIN but he's better and I am on antibiotics so it should be a matter of time. It's amazing how many germs and infections we're catching out here. Luckily my trip to the doctor only cost me about $15 (including a pile of medications). I will sweat my tonsillitis away on a beautiful beach!

We are down to our last month and it should be busy and fun. On May 2nd we'll be back in Bangkok to pick Matt's sister up from the airport and on May 3rd my lovely sister Stephie will be arriving with her tour group. The plan is to meet up with her, maybe have some dinner and to bequeath her with the Laos money that we accidently have left over (she'll be in Vang Vieng for a few days near the end of her 40 days tour). After a few days in Bangkok with Leah and Stephie we'll put Leah on a bus to Khon Kaen and head further south for more beaches and relaxation before stopping in for a final Khon Kaen visit, picking up all the stuff that we have left at his Mom's house and then flying to Canada from Bangkok on May 21st. Whew!

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