Monday, October 19, 2009

Celebration Dinner!

On Saturday night we went out for dinner with Mom, Tom and Steph. We'd already planned on going out earlier in the week but since we'd just found out the good news about Matt's LSAT score, it was more like a celebration dinner. Being the classy, sophisticated lawyer-to-be he is, Matt ordered a cheese burger and a huge beer. The ladies shared a really fabulous bottle of shiraz and a good time was had by all! We also shared a massive dessert at the end of the meal which was yummy but terribly difficult to eat. Somehow we managed. We're just that determined.


Carter said...

Love the purple in your hair, Steph!

Amber, what are you putting in your mouth? Is that the cake? Or some sort of meat in a sauce?

Congratulations, Matt!!!

Stephie said...

P.S. that is my eating face.


thank you,Carter!

Dana Kiemeny Thompson said...

That dessert looks fantastic! I love Stephie's purple hair!