Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Special Gift

Look at this cool present our friend Donna brought Matt and I back from Iceland. It's a stone egg! If I can't be traveling then the next best thing is getting presents from people who are. It was made by a really famous Icelandic artist. Here's their website.

The story behind it is that Icelandic people believe that there are little "trolls" lurking behind the scenes. This egg has a couple of those trolls on them. I guess the trolls could be compared to fairies or angels. Since Matt and I are definitely angels (or trolls, if you prefer) this egg reminded her of us. Isn't that just the coolest?!


Matty said...

I thought we were eggs.

Donna said...

Wasn't that a cool gift, I thought so, what better do you give the angels in your life than eggs with angels on the eggs. Hey I checked out the website and yes I am going back to Iceland so next time I will visit the gallery.

Enjoy your eggs.