Friday, October 2, 2009

Name That Tune!

Tuesday nights at Room at the Top (a bar at the U of A) they have a Name that Tune contest. Steph has created a team and has been going pretty consistently. I work a lot of Tuesday evenings so I'm not usually available but I was this week! She had really talked me up which turned out to be an epic fail but it was a lot of fun. I did contribute (a lot more than Matt or Sev did!) but I learned that my musical knowledge is pretty selective. I know a lot of music but most of it isn't mainstream and therefore probably won't turn up as a question. Hahah! I did get the Hawksley Workman song right away though! Our team put up an admirable fight, however, we were thwarted with a few terrible categories and ended up in 4th place (out of 7). The saddest part was that we lost to our rivals! Curses! I vow to brush up on Top 40 stuff and redeem myself after Thanksgiving weekend (when I have another Tuesday night free). We're always looking for new team members (even on a casual basis) so if you're interested let me know!


Carter said...

That is some hotness right there.

Stephie said...

Keep your head up Team Queef!

Dana Kiemeny Thompson said...