Monday, October 19, 2009

Under the Weather

I haven't been really sick but I've felt run down for almost a week now. Sort of like I have a constant sleep deficit even though I'm sleeping a lot. As a result I stayed in most of the weekend. Lucky for me, Mom made some of her world famous chicken noodle soup and some homemade buns to go with it. It was perfect timing! I've got a hard work week coming up so hopefully this will sustain me!


Dana Kiemeny Thompson said...

Oh mom! You Rock! Homemade buns too... lucky duck. :) Hopefully you feel better soon. Then again, if you stay sick, you get more soup and buns! :O

Sara said...

Her soup really is world famous.. they were just talking about it on the news today! ;)
Hope you're feeling better soon, lovely Ambearo x