Saturday, November 21, 2009

Galbi Buffet with Stephie!!!

Steph and I scheduled in some sister time and decided to go out for dinner. I had a hankering for Korean so we checked out the Korean Village. It's in a strange location and seems to be a family operated business. They have a killer (although a bit expensive) buffet with many of my favorite dishes. There were even grills built right in the table! It was like being transported back to my favorite restaurant in Seoul. I wish I had some Korean friends here... Anyway, we had a great time and ate until our bellies hurt. I'll definitely have to return with a group. I was too shy to use my Korean though.


Stephie said...

I haven't eaten icecream since September hahaha

Kirsty Bryce said...

I also want to go here. I miss Korean bbq so much.

Simone said...

This post is making me hungry! I love table top BBQ. There are a couple of good places near our house.