Monday, November 2, 2009

Name That Tune Triumph!

Last Tuesday I had the evening off so I was able to participate in Name That Tune. Matt opted out (probably since he isn't very helpful but also because he was busy filling out law school applications) so it was just us four girls. We had a big plan to seduce the team that usually wins first place, however, they didn't show up. This forced us to use our other talents besides our feminine wiles.

As it turned out, we are pretty awesome. We got 2nd place and 2nd place gets a prize! More importantly, we kicked our rivals butts! I really felt like I contributed this week. I was able to instantly identify this obscure song:

But we did need Matt this week- there was a Forrest Gump Soundtrack category and he loves that cd. If he'd been there we might have won first! Next time... Next time! (BTW- I got my haircut that day. I don't think I like it but I usually hate my haircuts.)


Carter said...

Omg, I haven't even read this post. I just saw that first picture and had to comment RIGHT AWAY about how freaking AMAZING your hair looks!!!!


Stephie said...


Dana Kiemeny Thompson said...

Great work! Murphy's Law for Matty, though. That's too bad. How's it going with the applications? OOH and thanks for your compliment. It made my day.

Simone said...

I think your hair looks pretty amazing too! Its so healthy and thick looking. I am jealous ;)

I love that Shakespeare's sister song. I actually had that tape in grade 7! :O