Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mouse Attack!

We live in a third floor apartment. You would think that this would mean that we would be spared from mice. I mean, they aren't getting in through the windows! Unfortunately we seem to have attracted a number of the little bastards. Matt was the one who first noticed one peeking out from behind the TV stand in the living room.

From there we bought some traps (mice like peanut butter more than cheese) and tried to contact our building manager. It took a long time for him to get back to us which was incredibly frustrating. We caught 7 mice in total (in a week) and four in one night! What the heck!!!! One of them died less than a foot away from me while I was checking my email! Seriously not cool.

When we managed to talk to the manager he said that they would have pest control come to our apartment and check things out. Of course, this conversation happened at about 9 pm at night and the manager said that "maybe" the guy would come the next morning and if he hadn't arrived by noon to call and let the manager know.

Needless to say, I was skeptical that anyone would arrive. So what did I do? I tempted fate. I woke up, sat around in my pajamas, didn't brush my teeth, hadn't showered (I didn't work until 3 pm), well you get the picture. This guaranteed that the pest control guy would arrive! And he did! Immediately I began shuffling around, concerned about the appearance of my apartment. Why didn't I expect him to come!? He is going to judge me!

For the most part our place is pretty clean and he must have seen a lot worse... Right? I'm sure all the other mouse infested homes looked like the one in the picture. I awkwardly made small talk with the pimple faced exterminator (see, I can judge too!) and he got to work looking for entry holes. He said it was pretty clear that if our apartment on the third floor was having issues then there were issues in other apartments. The mice were traveling around through the radiators.

I never know what to do when service people come to my place. Am I supposed to sit and watch them? Chat? Let them do their work unattended and risk them stealing something? Call a therapist and speak to them about my paranoia that an exterminator is going to steal something? What do you do? I have the same problem when the cable guy comes. I decided to wash my dishes because I would still be a presence and able to see and hear what he was doing but at the same time I could impress him with my cleanliness. See! It's not MY PLACE that is the true problem. It's the guy next door with his toxic waste collection!

Since the guy left we haven't seen any more mice in our apartment. I think he was pretty successful with blocking the hole. However, I do occasionally hear them scritch scratching and trying to get in. Or is that my paranoia again?


Carter said...

After that time we left the carpet cleaner guy upstairs and he stole my camera, I will never leave ANYBODY alone to do their work!

Stephie said...

Did the exterminator guy have plumber crack? haha

Eddie said...

"I awkwardly made small talk with the pimple faced exterminator (see, I can judge too!) and he got to work looking for entry holes."

Ohhh my. I thought this was blog was rated PG. Now I'll have to go wash my ears out with soap.

Ali said...

cute mouse story

Carter said...

I had a nightmare about mice being in my house. I think this was because I checked your blog right before bed. ;)

Dana Kiemeny Thompson said...

I love how you sat around in your apartment in your pjs!! Awww... I miss hanging out with you in PJs!

Selena Slough said...

Mice don’t like clean places. That’s why keeping your house spic and span is your best first line of defense. It’s a good thing you found yourself a reliable pest control guy! Now, you can be rest assured that your home has been rid of this rodent infestation.

Selena Slough