Monday, September 14, 2009

Now and Then: 10 Years of Us

I could make this really mushy but that's not really my style. It was our ten year anniversary this weekend and we had a nice day. Nothing really monumental happened but I suppose you should be recognizing the important relationships in your life every day, right?

We went out and saw the Time Traveler's Wife (you can read Matt's review of it over here) and then bought ourselves a present.

I've always wanted to have nice things. That may sound really materialistic but let's face it, we need stuff to run a household and I am sick of owning a bunch of crap that is falling apart. We spent a ridiculous amount of money on new pots and pans and they are just gorgeous! Now that I'm staying in one place I want to make my living space as comfortable as I can. My parents have already helped me in the right direction with the fabulous living room furniture and TV and so now my goal is to keep that up and invest in quality things that I will love for a long time. You can see what we were cooking with before and our beautiful new cookware in the second picture. What do you think?

I think the next thing we need to save for and invest in will be a new table and chairs. What are you saving for? Have you made any big purchases lately?

Anyway, to get back on topic- Happy Anniversary Matt! And thank you to everyone that recognized our special day!


Kirsty Bryce said...

I;m saving for a kitchen reno in which all my ugly cabinets will disappear.

Stephie said...

I am saving up to pay you and Matt back haha

Anonymous said...

Wow 10 years, amazing! What is your secret?

Nice improvement on the cookware :)

Trips is what we like to spend our money on so next year Australia here we come.

Matty said...

I love you too Amber! It doesn't feel like 10 years. It feels like you were always there (and that's as mushy as I get).

Stephie: That's hilarious. I am very proud of your responsible saving. HA HA!

Gisela: It helps if you're both patient people. Also pie.
When I think that my new cookware could have been a trip I feel a little remorseful.

Bybee said...

Happy anniversary! You're one of my very favorite couples...I met another Canadian couple here at my new job that's running you a close second...

Simone said...

Happy Anniversary & Thumbs up on the new pots!

A few years ago my mom bought me a proper set of pots after she saw what i was cooking with (a motley crew of mismatching/ jerry rigged stuff from university). It was a really nice gift!

Why am I here??? said...

wow 10 years -- happy anniversary!

and lovely pots!