Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend in Review

Hope everyone is having a good Labour Day weekend. I wish I had tomorrow off but I am working. It's okay though since I will get paid overtime and get a day off in lieu (that hopefully I can use to get this Friday off since it's my Dad's birthday). Last night Matt and I hung out at Steph's house and played some fun games with her and a couple of her friends. It was a good time. Matt drank too much Grog (literally, he was drinking something called Grog) and ended up falling asleep at 11pm. Classy! Steph, Bryn and I went out though (Justin also wasn't feeling up to it) and had a nice time chatting away at O'Byrne's Pub.

Today I spent some quality time with my Nintendo DS and then went with Leah to WEM so she could do some shopping. Somehow I totally screwed up with my navigating on Fox Drive. What is going on with it? So much construction in this city right now! It's driving me crazy!

Lucky Matt has tomorrow off and right now he is off meeting an old friend. He finished the play he's been writing and they are going to do a read through. I am trying to figure out what to do/give Matt for our anniversary this week (Sept. 12). Ten years, can you believe it? Surreal. I also really need to get back into reading mode- I've basically stalled 2/3 of the way through Wicked. It's so boring! I've invested so much time in it though so I don't really want to quit it.

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Stephie said...

Give him a child!! BEST GIFT EVER!HAHA