Monday, September 28, 2009

Sushi, Sushi, Sushi!

My supper date with Steph and her friends was a lot of fun. We met at Maki Maki and ordered a lot of sushi! Everything and everyone wasn't photographed but here's a little peak at a few of the delicious dishes! I would go there again since the prices were okay and the sushi was yummy! I think I need a plate of tuna sashimi all to myself though. I miss the sushi place we went to in Korea with it's included miso soup and cheaper prices. Maki Maki does have a better menu than that place though. Does anyone else love sushi like I do? What's your favorite kind?


Simone said...

YES! Total sushi addict. However, the sushi here is not nearly as good as what you find in Vancouver (where is it cheap, delicious and fresh). I miss fresh fish! There is one place here in Richmond Hill that is good--they make an amazing spicy tuna hand-roll (a personal fave!). I also like "ebi" (cooked prawn), most tuna sushi and slamon. I also love "unagi" the BBQ'ed eel (no one else shares my love for the unagi)...oh well, more for me!

Matty said...

I like Unagi! I like the slippery texture and the way it absorbs the BBQ sauce. MMmmmm

Carter said...

As you know, I am obsessed with sushi.

That salmon looks very good and high quality! It gets my seal of approval!!!!!