Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oodle Noodle, DQ & SYTYCD

I'm not so sure of this season of sytycd canada. I've been pretty underwhelmed so far. Can it be that the first season spoiled me? Or that they are playing too many dance shows back to back? Maybe. I do enjoy Emanuel (they fixed his hair... hmm... no surprised) and I love Melanie Mah. I'm not really attached to any of the contestants like last year and what is with all of the falls and mistakes!? Sloppy stuff. I keep hoping that it will pick up or maybe the new American one will be better?

The major downside of my job is it's schedule. Ultimately I want to find a day job like Matt so I can do fun things in the evenings. Like host sytycd nights at my house! I had Tuesday off this time so I had these guys over (Sev and Leah came too) and we all watched it together and made hilarious comments and heckles. If the show isn't good at least the company makes up for it. It's just not the same when I watch it alone the next day after Matt tapes it for me.

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