Monday, August 10, 2009

Hite Happy

Friday night we decided to celebrate my weekend off by trying out one of the Korean restaurants in the area. It's called Lee House and it was decent. The gimchi wasn't as spicy as I like but they did have banchans (side dishes) included with the meal unlike many places around here that want to charge you $3 extra for some gimchi!

Lee House is small and homey and it reminded me a lot of authentic Korean places. It had only one poor little ajumma running around trying to serve everyone. We had the gimchi bokumbap (fried rice) and some bulgogi. Both were tasty but I would like to try some more dishes before I make my decision. I was excited that they served Hite beer.

Oh Hite, so crisp and fresh. I love how your "open mark turns blue at optimal tasting temperature".


Bybee said...

"Drinking Cass-uh,
Drinking Hite-uh,
Drinking all night-uh,
Feeling all right-uh..."

Sorry, couldn't resist. I had a Hite the other day myself.

Carter said...

That food looks really delicious.

And I love your necklace!

ambearo said...

I miss Korea and I miss you Susan!!!

The food was decent but I have been spoiled with Korean food in the last few years. That necklace I bought in Thailand, it's fun, eh?