Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is it a hamburger or a cupcake? IT'S BOTH!

I've been working a lot and was really looking forward to my days off. I had a pretty jam packed Sunday, actually. I spent the morning hanging out with Severin and we had a pretty wicked brunch (I had eggs Benedict with bacon, tomato and avocado in it!!). Then I went to see Choon Hyang: True Love at the Fringe. It was adorable and made me really miss Korea.

So how could I keep the awesome rolling? By making cupcakes that look like hamburgers, of course! I can't take credit for this idea (I found it randomly on the internet) but I did make these myself. Not from scratch since I don't have a million days off. But you get the idea. I am so proud of these and think I will bring some to work with me tomorrow so the kids I work with can try them. They already know I'm a geek so why not hammer that point home? Haha.

So now I have a dilemma. What to do with all the cupcake parts that didn't get made into hamburgers? This would be a good time for my friends to visit and eat cupcake type things. Please save me from myself!


Carter said...

I STILL can not believe it!

Stephie said...

Man.. these really look pro when they are up on the computer! Good work, Sista, good work!

M said...

wow!! those look AWESOME!

suki said...

oh wow, these are amazing! :)