Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun at the Fair

It's been a long time since I went to the good ol' hometown fair. I had just started my new job (2 shifts worth) and then got the weekend off so that I could go back for the fair and to move our stuff out of storage and into our new apartment. We drove up in the morning and met up with Mom, Tom and Steph at the grandstand. They were watching the chariot races. Basically the entire day was spent eating, playing with cute animals at the petting zoo, walking around the fair and watching tractor pulls/various horse races. We went home to eat and Mom made amazing burgers and potato salad and we even had homemade rhubarb pie for dessert.

We spent some time with some of Steph's friends and I did see a girl I went to university with. Otherwise I felt sort of alien hanging out there. I had a few drinks at the beer gardens but went home early in anticipation of the grand move the next day. The fireworks were even pretty good this year! Oh and did you see the cool necklaces Mom bought us? They have our names on them. I have to fix the clasp on mine though since it keeps coming open. Here's a link to all the pictures.


Carter said...

I didn't know that we had domestic petting zoos like in Japan! "Come pet a cat! Come pet a dog!"

I LOVE your shirt!
The picture of you and Matt is so good! He looks photogenic and you look amazing, as per usual.

Kirsty Bryce said...

Which girl did you see?

ambearo said...

Well it's at the "Old Macdonald's Farm" and they have the kittens and puppies available for adoption there. They also have mini horses, etc to look at.

I saw Ray Sweeney. She's been living in V-town for awhile now.