Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moving Day!

The next morning was a little bit rough- Steph didn't get home until 7 am! But we all managed to get up and going. We picked my stepbrother, Jules, up in Vegreville and I yelled at my other brother who was clearly doing nothing and was just being a selfish ass and refusing to help. Karma's a bitch and he will get his. We got everything from the trailer into the apartment (which is on the 3rd floor! Groan.) in about an hour and we were both so grateful to those that helped us out. Honestly if Jules hadn't come we would have died. Matt and Jules carried so many large, heavy items (often working as a team) and it would have been a nightmare if he hadn't come out. Thank you so much Jules! You really came through when we needed you. Everything was pretty dusty since it had been sitting idly for 3 years. You can see the dust all over my face and boobs in the really unflattering picture of me and Steph.

We've been in the apartment for a week now and most things are unpacked. It was interesting seeing what we decided to keep. So far we've thrown away or donated almost as much as we've kept. I feel like I'm starting fresh. I think things should be settled by the time Leah comes around.

After we finished unloading everything we took all our helpers to Boston Pizza for a thank you lunch. Thanks again Steph, Jules, Mom and Tom! We couldn't have done it without you!

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Stephie said...

Very UNFLATTERING picture of us..