Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Life Savings

While unpacking I have been finding a lot of strange and interesting things. I tend to be a packrat and I'm trying to break away from this habit. I found my childhood piggy bank (which some how has always been slightly broken) and decided to open it up and collect my riches.

Other strange things I've found are half burned candles and this box that held a coffee can full of foreign coins from when I had a million penpals and awards. See that medal? Yeah, you'll never guess what I won that for. I won the grade 10 Phys. Ed. award. Bwahah! It went to the highest mark in the class, clearly not the most talented at sports. Who knows what other goodies are hidden in these boxes!


Carter said...

I love your piggy bank!!! I can't believe you smashed it! It's so pretty looking!
Oh no!!
I'm watching the slideshow as I type. haha.

ambearo said...

It was the only way to get the money out. I'm trying to cut down on my stuff, as you know. Seemed like a fun way to do it. ^^

Dana Kiemeny Thompson said...

Love it! You're the most creative and hilarious person and I miss you entirely!