Friday, July 31, 2009

The Barbecue after the Wedding

I made a slide slow for this one. It was a lovely day and there was a lot of fabulous food. It was surreal visiting Cindy's Dad's farm since it has had a major face lift since the last time I was there. I kept wandering from room to room and marveling at all the changes and all my memories of being in that house. I spent almost as much time there as I did at my own house. It was cool seeing all the adorable babies even if it's a bit strange that it's our little sisters who have them (well, Cindy and Amy's anyway). I also got to see Lexi, one of Venus' puppies from the recent litter. She is getting so big already! It was nice to touch base with lots of people and just relax once the wedding was over and a success. Fun day! Here's a link to all the pictures.


Carter said...

I was trying to look at this barbecue slideshow when suddenly, I heard all these explosions!!

"What!? What's going on?!?!"

Then I realized it was from the slideshow above!

Lexi is so big now!

ambearo said...

Yeah I created that one with the sound off so I didn't realize it made so much noise! Sorry!!

And Lexi is so big. It's partially that she has long legs.