Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to Bangkok

After about a week in Khon Kaen we went back to Bangkok to get a better look. Mary and Ali had returned from their trip to Koh Kood and Mary was going to be using the apartment for awhile until it was time for her to go back to Canada. We took an air conditioned bus to Bangkok and it was the coolest bus I've ever been on. It had massage chairs, they served beverages, snacks and meals and had a stewardess- just like an airplane. They played a really loud, weird movie that was half in English.

When we arrived in Bangkok we weren't sure where we were and the place we booked to stay filled our room (nice). So we were left scrambling to find something else. We ended up downtown near the Siam skytrain station. After being hustled by a cabbie we ended up at a random Bed & Breakfast listed in our Lonely Planet. I wasn't thrilled with it and so we ended up staying one night and then looking around for a better (cheaper) place. We found one just down the street that was a bigger room at almost half the price. We could have done cheaper if we moved to a totally different area but we liked having the skytrain at our disposal. Maybe some other trip. It was a good area for shopping though- with two huge malls. We didn't buy much but we did enjoy the English bookstores.

One of the days we stopped by the Victory Monument (well we passed it by anyway). Here's a more flattering picture of Matt to make up for the other ones I've just posted. If he looks a bit exhausted it's because that day we had walked for hours through Bangkok in the hot sun.

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