Monday, February 23, 2009

The Karaoke Situation

If you read about my adventures in Korea, you would know that I love karaoke (or norae bang as they call it in Korea). I like having my own private room, being able to sing as much and as frequently as I want to with a bunch of my friends. Karaoke is similar here but way more low budget with both the equipment and the cost (70 baht/hour or so). Well, at least the "clean" rooms are. I haven't been to the ones with girls lined up on couches in the front but I'm pretty sure the customers there aren't worried about the song choices or the quality of the recordings. We've been to karaoke a few times now, twice in rooms like the ones in the picture and once in the basement of a hotel where we did karaoke more like how things are in Canada. Luckily the bar was completely empty so we didn't have to wait around very long for our songs to come up. Norae bang in Korea is still the best karaoke I've ever seen though.

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