Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Mambo Time!

A trip to Bangkok just wouldn't be the same without seeing one ladyboy show. Mary felt that way too and so on her last night in Thailand the four of us sought out a show. We ended up at the Mambo Theater. We were kind of early so we went to an Irish pub beside the theater for some dinner and drinks. There we met one of the drunkest Frenchmen I've ever seen. He was very chatty and friendly and insisted on buying us a bottle of wine. Mary, being the wine expert, chose one on the fly and it ended up being the most expensive bottle on the menu. Oops! It was almost 3000 baht. He actually tried to buy us a second bottle but we didn't take him up on it. It would have been taking advantage.

The show was a lot like you would expect. Lots of lip syncing to pop music (but of many languages- Thai, English, Chinese), over the top sets and fabulous costumes dripping with sequins and feathers. Each ticket came with a complimentary drink so we got to watch the show and sip a small glass of beer. My favorite part was when the "Destiny's Child" group came out. I also liked the big, fat ladyboy, even though it's cliche. After the show we paid to get a picture taken with one of the performers. They tried to hustle us for as much money as they could get but we only gave them a couple bucks. It was an experience to remember, that's for sure!

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