Thursday, February 26, 2009

Challenge Time!

It's been just over a month since we arrived in Thailand and every moment hasn't been filled with fabulous activities. Matt has been doing a lot of studying for the LSAT, which he will be taking in June. I've been doing some reading and basically just relaxing. However, this means we have plenty of time to goof off, which is why we decided to take the "Pepsi Challenge" the other day! We did a blindfolded taste test of 3 colas- Coke, Pepsi and "Big Cola". I've always been partial to Coke so this was the moment of truth. Do I really prefer Coke or is it all in my head?

Well, to reassure the masses, I have an extremely discerning cola palette and not only was my favorite pick Coke but I was also able to correctly identify and rank the other colas as well. Matt, well, he was not so successful. Yes, right now we do have too much time on our hands but starting tomorrow that is going to change since we are getting on a very early bus and heading into Laos to start the next leg of our trip! This means that I may be a bit sporadic on updating the blog but I will do my best. Stay tuned and leave me some comments so I know that you're reading!


Carter said...

I have now started reading your blog since I can't talk to you anymore!

And I am glad I waited until now or else I would have yelled at you for doing Cola taste tests while in THAILAND! ;) You should have been out doing something really amazing!! (^ -)

I hope you are having a great time there!

Remind me to tell you about my initial reaction when I opened the blog.

Be safe!

ambearo said...

The taste test only took a few minutes! ^^ LOL. Now you know what losers we really are!