Sunday, February 22, 2009

Strange and Unusual Things

I'm constantly comparing Thailand to Korea. I just can't help it. I know they are totally different places but I still compare without even thinking. So far I have decided that Korea has better shopping, even if you can get more size variety in clothing here. But one way that Thailand kicks Korea's butt is in the grocery store. Hey expats in Korea- you know how we always long for things from North America that Korea doesn't import? Simple things? Yeah, Thailand imports everything and creates it's own interesting foods as well. I've spent hours now marveling in Thai grocery stores. (They have Miracle Whip and Reese Peanut Butter Cups.)

Anyway, while in Trat Matt and I got a good giggle out of the different potato chip flavors they have in Thailand. Here are a few of our favorites (not necessarily to eat):
In case you can't read what flavors they are, we have double cheese pork burger, nori seaweed and garlic soft shell crab. We haven't tried the pork burger chip but we did try the other two. The nori seaweed one tastes pretty good. Salty and nice. The only downside is how messy the bits of seaweed are- they get all over your hands, face, clothes and teeth. Maybe not an ideal first date chip.

Now the garlic soft shell crab... I wouldn't buy it or eat it again. Actually I really only ate one or two chips because they were that delicious. What do they taste like? Well, imagine you had an old fish and you put it in a sneaker and then you put the sneaker on your foot and went for a 2 km run, during which you stepped in caribou crap. Now wipe that on a chip and enjoy. On the positive side, a bag of chips is cheap. I have to say that I am really liking trying all sorts of new foods, even if sometimes they are gross or turn out to be shocking. I actually ate a skewer of chicken which turned out to be chicken assholes. They tasted good though, so whatever. Oh Thailand!

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