Monday, February 23, 2009

It's not all sandy beaches and piña coladas...

A reality of traveling through Asia is that you should always carry water, toilet paper and (if you can) hand sanitizer. Trust me on this. Thailand is beautiful and in lots of places it's just as comfortable and convenient as North America but not all the time. You run into a lot of shady bathrooms (although none as bad as the ones I saw in China) and 97.9% of the time there is no toilet paper in them. Oh and often there's no sink to wash your hands, or it's broken or if it's not- there is no soap.

If you're lucky you might run into a bathroom like the one in the picture. This is a nice squat toilet. The pool of water and dish are used to "flush". So far I've seen these kinds of toilets in Korea, China and Thailand but it is the first time I've seen the pool of water flushing method. Something to think about before drinking a lot of piña coladas since balance is paramount.

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Christina said...

Travel pics of the WC are always fun