Sunday, February 22, 2009

Koh Mak

After we spent a couple of massage filled days in Trat we carried on to our next location- a small island not far from Cambodia called Koh Mak. There are a lot of islands in this area and a larger and more well known one is Koh Chang (Elephant Island) but we didn't go there. We took a speed boat which took about 45 minutes to get us there. When we arrived the owner of the bungalows we were renting picked us and our stuff up in her truck (It was called Baan Koh Mak and we stayed in the non-air conditioned ones). It was paradise!

We spent the next few days lounging on the beach reading, getting suntans, kayaking, watching fire dancers, eating fantastic food, swimming and snorkeling. It was on Koh Mak that I received my series of minor injuries. The first happened when Matt and I decided to go out in the two person kayak. My experience with kayaking is pretty much non-existent and he didn't give me any instructions. This resulted in the waves knocking the kayak and the kayak plowing into me and me wiping out and scraping my leg up to crap. I'm okay now but it was rough looking for awhile and there are some minor, silvery scars.

My next accident was a little more serious. We slept in an adorable little bungalow that had an uncomfortable mattress on the floor and a fantastic mosquito net canopy. It also had an interesting bathroom that was really pretty with the floor covered in various smooth rocks. Unfortunately those pretty rocks got really slippery after you had a shower and I slipped and cut a huge chunk out of the bottom of my foot. I was limping for about a week and it was really tough to keep the wound clean considering all the sand and dirt around. Just another scar, I guess.

They had barbecues on the beach in the evening with fantastic prawns, crabs, kebobs, fish and even bat! We didn't get to try the bat (imagine this, they were sold out) but a guy eating one at another table who said it was pretty good. Maybe we'll get another chance in Laos. If you want to see all the pictures from Trat and Koh Mak you can look here.

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