Monday, February 23, 2009

Inappropriately Hilarious

I'm sure everyone heard about the big melamine scare this past year with food products manufactured in China. So when I found this in the Thai dollar store I couldn't help but laugh and take a picture. "Perfect for little ones that like to eat in style! 100% Pure Melamine!"


Stephie said...

"YOU'RE SICK!!" hehe (Mr. Deeds)

Carole said...

This is basically crazy! No Melamine for Canadian kids, but you Thai kids.... perfect! What the hell!?

ambearo said...

Technically melamine means plastic so I guess it's a plastic dish set. But too weird, eh!?

Melissa said...

I think the problem with the melamine is that they were putting the plastic powder into things as a "protein filler".
It's totally fine to eat off of, just obviously not something you want to actually consume itself.
I have some plates made out of the stuff. =]