Monday, July 13, 2009

Being Sick Sucks

I am not bedridden but considering I have important things that I cannot be sick for this weekend I have been taking it really easy today. Which means I am bored. It's ironic, isn't it? When I am busy (which hasn't happened for many months now) I would kill for a day to myself to just do nothing. I have lots of "I shoulds" too- reading is one of those if I ever plan on getting anywhere near my goal for this year. I'm reading The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin right now and it's all right but it probably won't be my most favorite book of all time. I think it's a book that I will like talking about more than I liked reading it. I have also been thinking about how snobby I am with books. Maybe I should try and read something trashy? I read a lot of trashy stuff when I was a teenager but now I just start to get annoyed when things are formulaic, predictable and/or poorly written. Please, if you can recommend some good books with substance I would be grateful!

Tomorrow is Stephie's 20th birthday and also the day that we get the keys to our apartment. It feels like such a tease though since we won't be moving any belongings in there for almost another 2 weeks. I desperately want to unpack and start having a regular life again! We have some things at my dad's house so we will take as many of them as will fit in the Kiester tomorrow. I have to spend time getting things together for Cindy's wedding on the weekend and Matt has a job interview on Thursday.

Supposedly my Auntie Joyce and cousin Jamie are coming by tonight. I can't remember the last time I saw either of them so it should be interesting. It's strange because we have a tightknit immediate family but I really am not close to anyone in my extended family at all. I don't even know how old Jamie is but I think she is a teenager and the last time I saw her she was probably 7 years old.

Also does anyone know of or belong to any kind of online blogging community? I think that would help motivate me to keep blogging while I am not traveling. I need to feel like I have a dialogue going with people and that means I need commenters. I do have some lovely people that comment regularly, however, these also happen to be the people that I talk to almost daily anyway. Hahah. It would be nice to get comments from a variety of people- maybe I should try and get into the book blogging community even though I don't blog solely about books? Any ideas?


drowsyrabbit said...

I'm still reading you Ambearo :)

Do you get stats on your blog? I can see lots of visits on mine even though I don't get many comments. That helps keep me blogging - a bit anyway!


ambearo said...

If I click on the thing I can see how many clicks there are over certain amounts of time but it's not the same as a comment. ^^ Glad you're reading, thanks for the comment Jo!

Why am I here??? said...

Keep bloggin'

I'm one of those readers but I'm horrible at commenting mostly because I can't access the comment section from my work computer (however I can still read blogs).

Yes you may add me to your site ;)

Anonymous said...

hi! i think you can build a blog by visiting other blogs (and their commentors). you stopped by one of my blogs the other day and here i am checking your blog out. :)

my other blog--a book blog--generates more traffic and comments because book bloggers generally like to read and write, so they check in often.

don't underestimate the power of commenting and posting regularly. keep at it.

Lynn B said...

I like to know what you and Matt are up to! I don't always comment,but I do read it. Where aare you moving to?

Carter said...

Look at all the comments!!!

ambearo said...

Lynn we're moving to a sweet apartment near U of A. We have the keys, now we just have to get our stuff in there! It's Cindy's wedding this weekend though so we'll have to do it next weekend.