Monday, July 20, 2009

You Score, They Score!

Here is the kissing game that Matt and I planned and built for the wedding. What do you think? They are both big hockey fans and had a slight hockey theme in their wedding (the tables were labeled with different team names) and Cindy really didn't want people clinking glasses to get them to kiss. I got the idea when I saw that some people had done a putting thing because they liked golf. In the end, it worked okay but not enough people participated in my opinion. The kids at the wedding loved it though and spent the whole evening playing with it. Their parents were probably pretty happy that they were out of the way. I gave away the toy sticks and pucks to them at the end of the night. (In case it isn't clear, someone has to score a goal and then the couple has to kiss.)


Kirsty Bryce said...

I'm glad you specified that they had to kiss because that's not what I was thinking when I read "They score". And then I wondered what kind of Xrated wedding you were throwing CIndy, and then I realized that I totally want you to MC my wedding too. So consider yourself booked.

ambearo said...

Well, you know how Cindy and George are... Maybe you should ask to see the tape before you book me as an MC!