Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Wedding Post

Wow, this has taken me awhile to post about. Things have been extremely hectic in my life with the new apartment and job but stuff is calming down a little bit. I have so many pictures from this wedding that you may as well go here and look at them. I will try to include some of the best ones though.

I woke up ridiculously early on the morning of the wedding- something like 5 am? I just couldn't sleep. You'd think that it was my wedding or something from how stressed and nervous I was. To be fair, Matt and I did have substantial wedding responsibilities. I spent the morning getting gussied up, helping Mom a bit with the cake fiasco (will blog about this next), putting last minute touches to our reception jokes and plans and answering Cindy's phone calls.

Everything went pretty perfectly. Sherry and Jenn (Cindy's sisters and bridesmaids/maids of honor) looked beautiful and Autumn was an adorable flower girl even if she did get a bit scared and fussy by the end of the ceremony (she's three though so considering this she did awesome). I sang the song and was so nervous (also wearing heels and trying to concentrate on not falling) but it's over and I think it went okay and I do not have a copy of the video, thank goodness. There were a lot of teary eyes and the ceremony went much smoother than the rehearsals so I guess it's good that the minister practiced 43042 times. Stephie bawled through the whole ceremony, especially when George had to take a moment to compose himself while saying his vows.

Between the ceremony and the reception I had to run over to the hall and get the "You Score, They Score" stuff set up, find the microphone and get the top secret Tim Horton's donuts in place. Then I had a much deserved milkshake and visited with Donna, Tamara, Jason, Steph, Dad and Sharron. I also managed to get a nap in before we had to head over to the hall.

The reception went reasonably well. We had worked really hard to try and make things entertaining and organized. There were a few fuck ups though and they were mainly my fault. Like when I introduced the wedding party and called George's brother by the wrong name. His name is Kevin but I called him Ross because he looks like Ross from Friends, also George's middle name and son's name is Ross so I think this is why I had that name stuck in my head. It was embarrassing but I tried to play it off. Also I forgot to ask his sister to come up to say grace at the right time. Our hockey themed kiss idea didn't work as well as we hoped but the kids loved it and happily played with it all night and kept out of trouble so I guess that was worth it. At the end of the night we gave the sticks and pucks to the kids to take home.

The dinner was delicious although I did have to sort of rush through eating it. People laughed at most of my jokes and the shoe game was a big hit. There were lots of touching speeches and apparently we pronounced all the names correctly (and other than Kevin we even had their correct first names). Overall a big success.

I cannot stress enough how gorgeous Cindy looked. She was just glowing. I've never seen her look so beautiful! George was looking pretty slick too. We had fun dancing the night away and I was fairly amused at Kevin (George's 30 yr old brother) attempting to pick up Stephie (who is 20). People from Ontario seem a bit strange. Haha. Maybe it was just this sample though. I also was the one that caught the bouquet. I am still not getting married but I just would like to reiterate how competitive I am. I just wanted to win. Matt did not get the garter.

In summary, it was a great day, perfect weather and all things worked out. I was really honored to be included so much in their day. I love you Cindy and George! Oh and I can't wait to see the professional pictures that Heidi took!!!


Carter said...

Hahahaha! I love that you just caught the bouquet due to your competitive spirit.

Carter said...

P.S. Love your outfit Matt!!!!

Matty said...

Thanks Carter. That's my Amber! She likes to win.

Kirsty Bryce said...

That dress is a gorgeous colour.

ambearo said...

Thanks KB, I thought so too when I had it made! ^^