Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Maybe these slide shows are getting tiring but it is a quick and easy way to show all my pictures. If you want to go and see them in the photobucket then go over here. We decided to stay in Edmonton to celebrate Canada Day. I was feeling a bit under the weather but got over it as the day went on. We were up at a decent time so we could have breakfast with my Mom and Tom and then we went to watch the parade. Wow, the parade was terrible!!! I remember it being really fun when we went years ago so either my memory is unreliable (possible) or it has really gone downhill. On the internet it said that the parade was going to last from 12-2pm but it was finished by 12:30!!! I wasn't impressed at all.

After that we drowned our sorrows in more ice cream. I guess this time it was gelatto so we were mixing things up a bit. Why must delicious things be so expensive? It was worth it though. I had hedgehog flavor and another kind with European cream and chocolate shavings (I can't remember how to spell it's fancy Italian name). Matt had eggnog flavor and cinnamon. I can't remember what everyone else had but it was all spectaculor!

Mom and Tom took off to go shopping and pretty much we vegged until Sev showed up. Then we forced him to watch So You Think You Can Dance with us and had some Taco Bell. We walked across the High Level Bridge to get a decent spot to watch the fireworks. I was also pretty surprised that there weren't more Canada Day things planned. It seemed like everything was ending at 4 or 5 pm and the fireworks weren't until 11pm! What the heck? They were also running the fabled waterfall off the High Level Bridge. Wow, it totally looked like a pipe (or twelve) had burst! I don't think that was the effect they were going for but it certainly was dramatic. We ran into my all time favorite high school teacher too! What a small world.

We were pretty early and staked out a spot. Of course a bunch of people showed up at the last minute and basically stood right in front of where we were sitting. So annoying. So we ended up having to stand up to see. I felt bad for the people with small children. I wished I was still a teacher at that point so I could have just told everyone to sit down. I have to say, the fireworks were pretty good though. I was relieved that everything didn't suck but I think next year I will have to have a Canada Day barbecue or something.


Carter said...

A half hour parade?? No!!! That is really low-budget! I think the little village of Peachland had a longer parade than that!

Please explain more about this waterfall. I have never heard of it before.

Lovely fireworks pictures!!! Great photography skills!!!

Stephie said...

You're my bestfriend. I love you!

Kirsty Bryce said...

I thought I was your favourite high school teacher?

ambearo said...

Carter- I don't understand the waterfall either. I might have seen it once before but I'm not sure. Basically they seem to open up a pipe on the High Level Bridge. It's strange and with the wind on Canada Day it was not successful.

You're my best friend too, Stephie! LOVE!

KB- Clever. Can't remember which subjects you taught me in high school though. lol

Carter said...

I really like the picture looking towards downtown with all the mist/spray coming off the bridge.

Did your high school teacher remember you?? I guess he probably only teaches 10 kids a year though, right? ;)

ambearo said...

Of course he remembered me! I'm very memorable! Plus I was in his first year of teaching. He only taught one year at our small school and then moved onto Edmonton where the classes are much larger! :-P Hehe!