Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Friday was another frantic day- I spent a lot of it trying to map out our MC stuff exactly (you should have seen my paper and what a freak I am) and some time freaking out about Cindy's cake (there was a meltdown that my Mom fixed like a pro but at the time it was pretty scary) and lots of time keeping Cindy cool and things rolling.

We stopped by the hall and helped decorate for a number of hours. Cindy was stressed but overall pretty calm. She did get a hint of bridezilla going on when she started scouring every rented table cloth for the slightest of stain. We managed to get things set up satisfactorily though. Setting up the hall took way more time than I planned so we ended up going straight to the wedding rehearsal from the hall. This would be no big deal except I was going to have to sing and had no time to warm up.

I haven't been involved in a lot of weddings but this struck me as the longest rehearsal ever!!! It lasted an hour and a half! The minister didn't impress me and seemed to have no clue what was going on and insisted on reading out full passages of things and making us do everything 4 times or more. We had to tell him basic things like "shouldn't you ask the congregation to stand up before Cindy comes in?". He also made me sing my darn song 3 times!! The pianist looked a bit annoyed but we got through everything (and the minister did a good job on the actual day so that's really what counts).

Then it was rehearsal dinner time. As if anything else could go wrong, the restaurant scheduled us for a different day! They found space for us and after a lot of waiting (we had a huge group) we finally ate. We got some awesome thank you presents too- Matt got cuff links engraved with his initials and I got an awesome (but incredibly heavy!!) cast iron tea pot and cups. It's from a store called Teaopia that I will have to check out sometime. It was a long day but a decent one.

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Carter said...

1. Your paper was hilarious!

2. I didn't know that people were supposed to stand when the bride came in and I didn't know you were supposed to answer some kind of oath or something when the minister/justice of the peace speaks. I felt like such an idiot when I sat back down, looked around and saw that everyone was still standing.

Those guys look incredibly tall!!!