Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tough Week

This last week just flew by which means that we are one week away from Cindy and George's wedding. Insane! To back up a little, here is what we were doing this week. I wrote a Caseworker Certification Exam on Monday which is part of the process of getting a government job (takes forever). They said that they wouldn't mark the tests for 2 weeks and that lots of people fail it. Well they contacted me yesterday to say that I passed it (I'm pretty shocked) so now I have to figure out when we're doing an in-person interview. Nerve wracking.

I also spent Thursday and Friday in a first aid/CPR course. This was really tough because I had some really bad news given to me on Wednesday about my Mom's health. If you want to know what's going on you can email me privately about it. So needless to say the last place I wanted to be was at some stupid first aid course. What also didn't help was that the girl I kept getting partnered with was young, stupid and never taken first aid. She also liked to argue with me about things and I wanted to smack her. I'm sure I had less patience than usual but she was really irritating me. She kept asking retarded questions and at the end of the day the class was split into two groups. We were in the first group and we were given symptoms to act out and the other group had to come in and treat us. Then we did a switch, so our group left the room and then returned to help the other people and administer first aid. Seems pretty simple, right? It was even numbers so every person should have had one "victim" to deal with. Well, genius girl decided to take off and assist someone else so I was left tending to two victims. Also my victims happened to be really into their "roles" and were super impossible and aggressive. Basically they both died. Haha. And then it turns out that genius girl was going to put the knife back into her stabbing victim to stop the bleeding. Like what the hell!!!! I was really glad when the course was finished and I passed everything so now I shouldn't have to do that again for awhile.

I've also come down with a cold. This is probably due to having to sit in the medi-centre for FOUR HOURS to try and get new prescriptions. Talk about getting more than I bargained for. This is very bad because I am supposed to MC and sing at Cindy's wedding next weekend. Being sick makes it difficult to practice or do much of anything. I am taking medication, drinking fluids and resting so hopefully it goes away as quickly as it came.


Carter said...

Take care of yourself!!!!

Stephie said...

BAHAHAHA.. lets stab our bleeding victim! IDIOT!

ambearo said...

I know, eh? They let everyone pass though. Even people who would stab other people.