Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Return of Cindy and George!

Finally Cindy and George have returned to Alberta!!! They moved to Ontario about a year ago and this is the first I've seen them in a really, really long time. Their wedding is in less than a week! Wow! I really have to get over this cold quickly (which has moved from my sinuses into my chest. Fantastic.). We met up at Doan's Vietnamese restaurant last night and had a ton of delicious foods. We had spring rolls, 3 kinds of soup (chicken curry soup, spicy beef noodle and traditional Vietnamese), a stir fry dish and caramelized pork. It was so tasty!

We caught up and went to see the room they booked at the Met before heading to Death by Chocolate for some dessert. At this point Stephie showed up to say hi and we all headed to Hudson's Tap House for a drink. It was so nice seeing them and catching up a bit. Things have been hectic but we're working on putting everything together so their wedding will be awesome.

Cindy and George went on to Cook County Saloon (where they met actually) but we decided not to go. I figured that would be overdoing it with my cold so we stayed at Hudson's a little longer taking silly pictures before calling it a night. What a great time!


Carter said...

You truly are hardcore. I can't believe you were able to do all those things/go to all those places. You need rest!!!!!!!!!! How are you feeling now???? GARLIC!
BTW, as usual, you look incredibly beautiful in your pictures!!!!

Stephie said...

Whata cute little slide show!

ambearo said...

Carter- I am trying to rest but it gets boring and there are things I need to do! I am going to be an invalid all day tomorrow though. Sharron's orders. Beautiful? Pssh! I am so pale and congested. Blech!