Monday, July 20, 2009

Surprise Bridal Shower

Last Wednesday night I headed out to Sherry (one of Cindy's sisters) house for Cindy's bridal shower. Somehow everyone managed to keep it a secret so she was surprised. I almost let the cat out of the bag on the weekend but remembered at the last second and stopped myself from saying anything. There was a good turn out, lots of yummy food, fun games (I won the "Pin the Junk on the Hunk"game- I know where things go.) and a crazy gift exchange. A lot of it was R rated or bordering on that so I will just give you the link for the bulk of the pictures. No slide show for this one! Some of the pictures may be not safe for work so you have been warned!!! Here they are!

I was a bit choked that I didn't win the quiz about Cindy (I came in second) but there were some tricky questions that could have had more than one answer. It's probably for the best though because then I would have won all the games and that would have been bad for other people. The prizes were delicious smelling Partylite candles and I actually ended up with two packs (I stayed around to talk about MC stuff and they had one left over.)! It was fun holding all the babies and just having a good laugh. Sherry has a great house although it's pretty far away from Edmonton but whatever. Good starter house! Oh and isn't Jenn's daughter Hayley cute? That's the baby I am holding. I repeat, not my baby.


Kirsty Bryce said...

Cute baby. Is it yours? I only ask because I understand you're quite skillful in putting the Hunk's Junk where it belongs.

PS God I hope your Mum doesn't read this blog.

ambearo said...

Haha! She totally does. Oh KB.

Kirsty Bryce said...

Good thing I use a pseudonym.

Dorothy said...

I so do read this blog!!!! But I think you're hilarious so don't be too concerned.