Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boring Life Update

Just for the people that don't talk to me everyday and read this blog (so probably not many people at all). I have accepted a job and am working at jumping through all the hoops so that I can start it. As a result I have booked a first aid course for Thursday and Friday. I've been also trying to plan our stuff for Cindy's wedding and practice my song. I am really excited since she is supposed to be back in Alberta on Friday but who knows when I will see her. I should also try on my dress and make sure that still fits. Haha.

I wrote a test yesterday as part of the process to try and get a job in the government. I think I did all right but it is so competitive. I am not sure how many positions they have but there were at least 40 people who wrote the test. Out of them one was a woman who just moved here from Ontario and used to do this job there, another had done her practiculm in the office and has been hired for a different job there already and another was a woman I used to work with. Apparently a lot of people fail the test and then the ones that get through often fail the interview. Oh and did I mention it will take them up to 2 weeks to mark the tests? Oh government bureaucracy. I'm not going to hold my breath about the job but I guess we'll see.

Otherwise I am just biding my time until my life will be sort of stable again. I am in limbo. We pick up our apartment keys next week (the 14th) but since Cindy's wedding is that following weekend we won't be able to move any of our stuff until the weekend after. It's really frustrating not being able to unpack after all this time. It will be interesting if I start working before our stuff is moved in (which will be pretty likely at this rate) since then we will have to live in Donna's place until we can get settled into the apartment. It's going to be like Christmas when we start unpacking. So that's life in a nutshell.


Anonymous said...

I don't talk to you everyday but i read your blog so keep updating :)


ambearo said...

Thanks Gisela! I never really know who is reading so it's easy to assume it's people that already know my boring business. I miss you guys a lot and wish I could play with your baby!