Saturday, July 11, 2009

Korea is haunting me!

This past week Korea has been poking it's way into my life every time I turn around. Maybe I am just missing stuff there and noticing these things is making me miss it more. For example, during my first aid course we had the door open and there was someone speaking Korean outside the door! Then later on I saw someone (possibly the same person) carrying an envelope covered in Korean writing. When I was at the theatre to see Year One I went to the bathroom and found this graffiti on the door. I would like to note that the Korean characters are garbage, mean nothing and make no sense. So apparently that Korean shouldn't be too proud of themselves. I wanted to go out for Korean food last night but no one else was very enthused about the idea. I am sure I would kick this cold immediately if I had some gimchi!!! I wish I could find some 한국 친구 (Hangook chingu: Korean friends) and hit up a norae bang or something. Oh Min Jung Ah- why aren't you here?


Carter said...

They must sell good gimchi in Edmonton!!!!

ambearo said...

Yeah but we don't have a house or a fridge yet. I don't want to be storing gimchi in my car!!! lol

Kirsty Bryce said...

If you can find us a good norae bang place in Edmonton, I promise I will go with you.