Monday, November 1, 2010

Adventures in Domesticity

Now that I have a day job and Matt's a student again we have settled into a routine. It's funny; when I was younger I balked at this kind of predictability. I was all, "I'm going to stay up all night, sleep all day and then eat Slim Jims dunked in cream cheese frosting because I'm an adult and there's nothing anyone can do about it!". Now I look forward to coming home and watching reality TV or maybe curling up with a book and watering my plants. I think the difference is that I know I can still do all that silly irresponsible stuff but that I don't really have anything to prove. Plus it's sort of nice to get a respectable amount of sleep and take the time to exfoliate.

Anyway, Sundays seem to be our most relaxed day. Usually filled with housework, grocery shopping and a home cooked meal. Yesterday was no exception and I was feeling ambitious so I tried a new recipe for supper. (Off of Smitten Kitchen, no less!) Behold my mushroom bourguignon! I feel like Julia Child or something! It was pretty easy to make (except for those annoying pearl onions- thanks Steph for doing my dirty work!) and really delicious. It's even vegetarian! (Side note- I wish I was able to take better pictures or learn how to edit better so that my food pictures actually looked appetizing.)

After supper I watched the Amazing Race and Matty decided to bake up a storm for the bake sale fundraiser at school. Weird. But it did make our house smell heavenly! So how was your Sunday?


Kirsty Bryce said...

My Sunday was great. I went trick or treating, and then took pictures of the fireworks. Oh, and I cleaned my house, too, but that's boring.

Stephy said...

I spent my Sunday at your house... eating your food, ha!!

Bybee said...

Your pictures look great...really appetizing!

Matty said...

Damn it Amber! Is that the best picture you have? I look like simple Simon the pie man.

ambearo said...

KB- Sounds like a nice night!

Steph- Well, that's another predictable pattern in my life. ;-)

Thanks Susan!

Matty- *no comment*