Saturday, November 20, 2010

Listening to Margaret Atwood speak, not once but twice, was thrilling! She's exactly as I imagined her- pint sized, well spoken and feisty! I was too chicken to ask a question but Matt prepared and asked one. She was gracious enough to take a picture with me! I tried to take pictures while she was speaking but I will spare you all from looking at those- they are all either blurry, grainy or there is a microphone blocking half her face.

This makes me think- jeez I really need to attempt to read "The Blind Assassin" again. It's her only book that I haven't loved. In fact I've tried to read it a few times but gave up after a few chapters. Ironic since it's her Booker Prize winning novel.

I'm working on my list of things and made great progress this morning. Now I'm waiting for a friend to come by so we can see if we can get into the art museum Refinery party. The advance tickets are sold out but there are some saved for sale at the door. DJs, dance performances and Matisse- how can you go wrong?


Kirsty Bryce said...

How cool - I just showed this to my coworker (fellow English teacher) and he was suitably impressed.

Stephy said...

Great picture!

Carter said...

Were there lots of people there? How long did she speak?
How long did you get to speak to her?

ambearo said...

There were lots of people on Friday night but I think it's because she was the keynote speaker at a conference so there were people there interested in the conference and not just specifically her.

Saturday wasn't sold out but the line was long enough that it took over an hour for us to get to her (and there were still lots of people behind us). I think we got a few minutes max- she was getting pretty tired. I wished her a belated birthday, gushed a little and then asked for a picture.

She spoke for almost an hour Friday and then answered questions... Saturday she spoke a little and then read for awhile and then answered questions and signed books... It was cool!

Bybee said...

OMG, this is so exciting!