Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This year we copped out and didn't celebrate Halloween. Crazy, eh? Maybe we're getting old or maybe we're just lazy? Last year we went all out. This year we didn't even carve a pumpkin or buy any candy. Hmmm. Anyway, not to worry, we didn't stay in and count our wrinkles. A friend of ours was born on Halloween so we went to his birthday party instead. What do you get someone turning 30 to help soften the blow?

How about a beer tower?!
Everyone contributed and the goal was to get 30 different kinds of 'beer' (not all were the alcoholic sort). I think we ended up with closer to 45 though! Many I had never heard of- I wonder if that Pumpkin Pie Beer is any good?

*Note, our friend did not drink all of these on his birthday.


Bybee said...

One year, I filled my husband's wine rack (12 bottles). To add to the fun, I hid them all over the house and he had to find them. I even hid one in the baby's crib.

Matty said...

Uh... Bybee. That's not the kind of bottle baby needs.