Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things to be EXCITED about!

Tonight I get to see Dan Mangan!!! I think it's going to be a mighty fine show! Plus since I left for Asia they started letting people take cameras into concerts. Holy crap that is exciting! Seriously, I remember the days when people tried to smuggle their Kodak disposable camera in their pants and the best picture you would get off the roll would vaguely resemble a humanoid Rorshach blob. But I digress...

What I am pretty sure will happen is that we will sit in the front row and then Dan will realize halfway through the show how cool we are and invite us out for beers afterward and then we will become best friends and he will finance my ukulele lessons and I'll tour the globe with him as his opening act. How do I know this will happen? Man, have I told you how cool, calm and collected I am around celebrities and quasi-celebrities. Perhaps one day soon I will tell you about how Raine Maida fell in love with me in May.

In other news, the sista is BACK! And look at the sweet Vegas swag we scored. Modeled by Matty of course.

The "satchel" is mine and the shirt is all Matt. Look how coy he is. He's going to look sweet wearing that to the show tonight. The purse is from Cirque du Soleil's O which Steph didn't get to see (she saw a different Cirque show) but she knows I really want to see. Hahah.. Sista is the best at presents!!!


Carter said...

Wow, those totally look like model shots. How very chic and A & F of you, Matty!!!! Styling!

Stephy said...