Monday, November 22, 2010

Quite Contrary

I've always said I have a black thumb but someone that I work with gave me a few plant clippings. They didn't die! So of course the next logical step was to start growing things from seed in my kitchen, right? I searched online for Korean perilla (sort of like sesame) and found some on eBay. So I bought two packages. Clearly I have never done something like this before since it turns out two packages could grow me a field of the stuff and all I needed was a few seeds. Aka one thousandth of what one package held. Crap. Oh well, anyone want to grow some perilla? You eat the leaves and it's great for making gimbap!

The next step was to grow the herbs. They are looking pretty good but the oregano just didn't make it. So this weekend we cheated and bought a little oregano plant and stuffed it in with the others so we're good to go! Someone with more growing sense than me said this is working because we have a south facing window? Excellent! All I know is that it makes me smile, especially considering it's -31 Celsius outside and I get frostbite walking to my car.


Matty said...

My favourite thing about successfully growing these plants is eating them!

Anonymous said...

minus 31 Celcius!!!! You have to be kidding.